Unlocking the Power of Acupressure: Research-backed Insights for Whole Being Health with Insight Acupressure

Insight Acupressure is a safe, effective, and transformative practice with a strong research base. Our students and certified practitioners, including nurses, massage therapists, acupuncturists, and more, are actively collecting data to support our work. Our specific protocols for addressing conditions and symptoms make our method ideal for research. We have already conducted cohort studies on Insight Acupressure and the Seva Stress Release, which have shown statistically significant positive outcomes. You can find abstracts of these studies below.

Acupressure Modality Effectiveness: Research Results for Pain and Anxiety and Poster. (2023). Journal of Transformative Touch, Vol. 2: Issue. 1, Article 6. Poster 7. Deanna Waggy OTR, Carroll Noel Mozer OTR/L, and Marilyn Zurwaski OTR/L Apporoved for presentation at the 2020 American Occupational Therapy Association national conference, which was cancelled due to the pandemic.

Beyond Pills: Acupressure Impact on Self-Rated Pain and Anxiety Scores Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 25(5), 517-521. (2019). Elizabeth Monson, MA, MA, CRNP, Diane Arney, BSN, RN, Beth Benham RN, LMT, BSN, Rebekah Bird, BSN, RN, PCCN, Erika Elias, RN, Kami Linden, RN, Kimberly McCord, BSN, RN, PCCN, Cathy Miller, LMT, Tammy Miller, RN, PCCN, Lori Ritter, MSN, CNS, ACCNS-AG, CCRN-K and Deanna Waggy, OTR

Seva Acupressure to Reduce Stress among Patients Being Treated for Opioid Addiction (2019). Sand-Jecklin, Kari EdD, MSN, RN, AHN-BC  West Virginia University School of Nursing, Morgantown, WV.

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Acupressure for Symptom Management: 2019 The Evidence to Date and Research Opportunities: Kari Sand-Jecklin, Ph.D., University of West Virginia, Morgantown, WV

Literature Review

Empowering Whole-Being Health. (2018). Deanna Waggy & Cathy Miller. Soul Lightening International.  Forward by Dr Aminah Raheem. A collection of 90 case studies and client testimonials from 40 Soul Lightening Acupressure practitioners. Section One: Community and World Outreach (Seva Stress Release). Section Two: Clinical Acupressure. Section Three: Process Acupressure.

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Use of the Seva Stress Release (SSR) Protocol with hospitalized patients receiving cancer treatment. (2018). Journal of Hospice & Palliative Nursing, December 2018 - Volume 20 - Issue 6 - p 529–530. Victoria Reiser, BSN, RN, Kari Sand-Jecklin, EdD , MSN , RN , AHN-BC University of West Virginia, School of Nursing, Morgantown, WV.

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Acupressure for Caregiver Stress: Abilities.com (2016). Rosenthal, Regina.

Letter of Recommendation for Clinical Acupressure by Dr John Reed, former
medical director for the inpatient Integrative Care Service at the University
of Maryland Medical Center (2015).


Nurses and Nursing students Seva for self-care (2015). Sand-Jecklin, K. University of West Virginia, School of Nursing program, Morgantown, WV.

Poster Presentation

Student Nurses Association provides leadership and opportunities. Sand-Jecklin, Kari (2015) Student Nursing Association Article. WVU Nursing, page 22.

WVU Nursing Article

Creating Calm in the Storm: An Innovative Approach to Integrating Complimentary Therapies into Patient Care Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center, Corvallis, Oregon. Sisson, A., et al. Poster/Presentation delivered to Critical Care Symposium, 2013 (voted Best Poster and Presentation) and AHNA conference, 2014. 


Acupressure for ADHD: A Pilot Program to teach an Acupressure Protocol to Parents of Children Diagnosed with ADD/ADHD for Adjunctive Symptom Management (2013). Elizabeth Monson, M.A., M.S., C.R.N.P. Samaritan Heart and Vascular Institute, Corvallis, Oregon.


Acupressure in Hospital Setting: Soul Lightening International_Newsletter Elizabeth Monson. (2013). 


The Use of Acupressure to Manage Anxiety in Hospitalized Orthopedic Trauma Patients Requiring Surgical Intervention: (2012). Cynthia Kerr Salmond, University of Maryland,  Baltimore, Maryland Doctoral Dissertation.


Employee Use and Perceived Benefit of a Complementary and Alternative Medicine Wellness Clinic at a Major Military Hospital: Evaluation of a Pilot Program (2011). Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.  Alaine D. Duncan, MAc, LAc, DiplAc, SEP, Janet M. Liechty, PhD, Lcsw, Cathy Miller, MSG (Ret), MM, LMT, ABT, Gail Chinoy, RNC, MSN, and Richard Ricciardi, PhD, NP, FAANP  


The Effects of Acupressure on Stress: A Self Help Approach: (2006). Carol L Wetherill, Jonathan Mattanah, PH.D., Towson University, Baltimore, Maryland.