On Insight and Soul Wisdom

"Each of us carries the light, and our own unique purpose, within us. We arrived here with them; their expression will bring us the inner joy of being true to ourselves. We have a responsibility to truly stand in that light and bring it to others. With my heart and soul I encourage you to trust, and to act upon, your own gifts of spirit."
- Dr. Aminah Raheem, Originator of Soul Lightening Acupressure
Soul Lightening: Awakening Soul Consciousness, p. 314

About Insight Acupressure

Dr. Aminah Raheem Ph.D. developed this work to address whole-being health and consciousness. 

Insight Acupressure (formerly Soul Lightening Acupressure) continues to be taught by the Insight Acupressure Faculty Alliance (IAFA), a dedicated group of practitioners who have studied this work for many years.  This insight-focused modality taps into the person’s innate soul wisdom (intuition), raising conscious awareness (insight), reprogramming old patterns, releasing trauma, and restoring whole being health.

While the workshops are educational and interactive, they also quickly build a community of heart-centered practitioners who experience personal growth and transformation during the workshops related to all dimensions of wellness.

Our Approach

There are three important differences between Insight Acupressure (formerly Soul Lightening Acupressure) and the original form of Jin Shin Jyutsu. Specifically, these are the style of touch we use, the addition of “process work” to the method, and Dr Raheem’s focus on soul-centered development.

Style of Touch: There are many styles of touch within the spectrum of acupressure methods used worldwide. Insight Acupressure engages the energy of the body in a firm, but gentle way that can penetrate to the core/essence of the client. Dr. Raheem adopted a specific style of touch originally introduced in Zero Balancing by Dr. Fritz Smith. This method utilizes an attentive/receptive touch that engages the body in the dynamic pace where energy and structure meet. The points used in Insight Acupressure are from the Chinese meridian system, and from the Indian chakra system. In this method the practitioner applies a curved, gentle finger pressure to specific combinations of acupoints in order to release restrictions and restore the free flow of energy movement within the body.

Amplified Awareness: As a way to address the natural unfolding of consciousness that often occurs during sessions, Dr. Raheem integrated the work of Arnold Mindell’s Process Oriented Psychology into her acupressure sessions. Process Acupressure appreciates symptoms and disturbances of any sort, not as pathologies to be healed, transcended or somehow gotten rid of, but as expressions of what is trying to emerge into consciousness. In Insight Acupressure, as we restore a clearer energy throughout the body, and as we follow process signals that arise, there is also a clearer energy that flows through the mind, the emotions, and the spirit. This clarity is experienced as an authentic, self-empowered opening and restoration of the natural, free flow of thoughts and emotions.

Soul Wisdom: Dr. Raheem's books (noted below) describe her lifelong spiritual journey, tenacious curiosity and deeply cultivated spiritual practice.  In them she outlines the “divine charge” she received many decades ago to create a “psychology of the soul.” A core principle of her teaching is that each of us, at the center of our being, remembers exactly who we are and what we came to this lifetime to experience and accomplish. The work of Insight Acupressure is to release restrictions and support the free flow of soul-centered awareness. When we are engaged in our lives with soul-consciousness, we are living to our fullest potential. 


Note: The information on this page was transferred from the original website (SoulLightening.com) for Soul Lightening International. Aminah Raheem, originator of Process Acupressure, was involved in the progressionor her work, which now includes our current learning paths (Clinical Acupressure, Process Acupressure and Acupressure for Anyone). While the Soul Lightening Acupressure name and organizational structure has changed with the closure of the organization, the history and content remains the same.