This dedicated group of teachers have been studying and practicing this work for many decades. Find a class near you.


Marilyn Zurwaski - North East and West Coast

What IA classes do I teach? I currently teach 2-day Introduction to Acupressure, Clinical Acupressure 1, Process Acupressure 1A &1B, Good Points for Self-Care workshops and Acupressure for Anyone workshops.
Why do I love IA? It is a simple yet profound healing technique that dates back over 3000 years, which allows the body and being to heal at its own pace. I have witnessed many people return to the healthy and authentic version of themselves, as the body knows what to do.

My Background: I am a Licensed Occupational Therapist in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. I have a background as an OT with neurologic conditions, ergonomics, and craniosacral technique. I am an Advanced Certified Practitioner in Process and Clinical Acupressure of Insight Acupressure (formerly Soul Lightening International). I have presented self-care acupressure programs at state conferences.  I love teaching in various ways for each participant can understand the material presented. Bringing this work into the world to individuals and groups is a passion of mine.

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Deanna Waggy - South Bend, Indiana and Midwest

What IA classes do I teach? If you are interested in hosting a class in the Midwest, let's talk about the possibilities! I currently teach Introduction to Insight Acupressure, Clinical Acupressure 1 & 2, Process Acupressure 1A & 1B, Good Points for Self-Care workshops and Acupressure for Anyone workshops. In addition to teaching Insight Acupressure, I also teach ZB I & II for the Zero Balancing Health Association.
Why do I love IA?  I believe Insight Acupressure and Zero Balancing (ZB) are two of the best ways to address stress, anxiety and trauma trapped within the multi-layered fabric of our whole being. Insight Acupressure is yin to the yang of Zero Balancing; both assist with promoting expanded states of awareness and neuroregulation of the vagus nerve. The Seva Stress Release acupressure protocol is my favorite self-care home program. I also love being part of an insightful community of conscious people interested in soul wisdom, transformation and whole being health. 

My Background: DW Healing Arts: Ancient Wisdom. Modern Practices. Whole Being Health. I love problem solving, and integrating the gifts of Occupational Therapy, Insight Acupressure, Zero Balancing, and Spiritual Direction into my private holistic practice in South Bend, Indiana. I also love teaching and sharing resources with others. I am involved in ongoing research and public speaking to promote the use of Insight Acupressure and ZB in traditional therapeutic settings. I published multiple articles on acupressure in various peer-reviewed journals and collected/co-edited 90 Insight Acupressure case studies for the book Empowering Whole Being Health in 2018. I enjoy mentoring holistic practitioners, leading self-care retreats and promoting the use of integrative health modalities to address all dimensions of wellness.

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Susan Lovett - Southwest Florida and Cape Cod, Massachusetts

What IA classes do I teach? Clinical Acupressure 1, Seva Stress Release Teacher Training, Introduction to Acupressure,  Seva & Good Points Self Care, Good Points Yoga, combining Acupressure & Yin Yoga

Why do I love IA?  The experience of coming home to our deepest wisdom and inner teacher, who's been patiently waiting for us to show up,  greeting us with an open heart, "hello my dear friend" . I especially love teaching self care and how easy it is to connect deeply, anytime, anywhere, even if just for a moment.

My Background:  A student of energy medicine since 2001. I intuitively integrate ancient healing modalities of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Yoga in my classes. Self care practices taught include acupressure, yoga, qigong, somatic movement, self-massage, reiki, and sound therapy. 

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Valerie Campbell - Maryland, District of Columbia, and Virginia

What IA classes do I teach?  CA1, Seva, Good Points and Intro to Insight Acupressure

Why do I love IA?  Whole being health, transformation and connection

My Background: I have a private acupressure practice in Kensington, MD (just outside of DC).  I also teach intro level Insight Acupressure classes. I  especially like teaching Seva to anyone who would benefit from it and that is everyone. Cover the world with Seva!

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Cathy Miller - Maryland, Delaware, District of Columbia, and Virginia

What IA classes do I teach? I currently teach all levels of the Clinical Acupressure, Process Acupressure curriculum, as well as Good Points for Self-Care workshops and Acupressure for Anyone workshops.

Why do I love IA? Deep, extraordinary healing wisdom is available to all of us and every person carries their own blueprint for it. Insight Acupressure gracefully and authentically returns the receiver to whole-being health and consciousness.

My Background: I am a Licensed Acupuncturist, a Diplomate of Asian Bodywork Therapy and a Licensed Massage Therapist in Maryland. My additional training and certifications include advanced certifications in Clinical Acupressure and Process Acupressure from Insight Acupressure (formerly Soul Lightening International). Since 2005 I have had the privilege of studying, practicing and teaching Insight Acupressure workshops to healthcare practitioners, families and communities across the nation. It is also my joy to mentor acupressure students and faculty worldwide. My desire to ensure accessibility to this work has prompted my participation in a variety of community health initiatives over the years, most recently the creation of community acupuncture clinics for underserved populations in Maryland. I have co-authored several articles published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, as well as a book entitled "Empowering Whole Being Health"  featuring practitioner stories by Insight Acupressure practitioners. In 2018, I created the Source Point Institute on our lovely property here on the eastern Shore of Maryland. Here we offer Insight Acupressure Training Workshops, Individual Treatment Sessions (Insight Acupressure, Five Element Acupuncture, and Therapeutic Massage), and Healing Retreats for individuals or small groups.

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Alvina Quatrano - Naples, Florida

What IA classes do I teach? Faculty since 2004. CA 1, 2, Seasonal Practicums, PA1A & 1B, Seva Teacher Trainer, Good Points, FC Teacher Trainer. Acupressure for Anyone.

Why do I love IA? It works. Deeply relaxing and actually Healing. Simple.   

My Background: Met and studied with Dr Aminah Raheem in 1998. Yoga and Reiki Teacher.  Developer of Art of Holistic Massage (AOHMassage) Program in-Person & Online Classes. Gardening & Walking the Beach -Love Nature & Friendships. I'm known for my intimate retreat-like classes and entertaining demeanor.  Classes by Request.

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Regina Rosenthal  - Manchester, New Jersey

What IA classes do I teach?  Advanced Practitioner and Instructor of Process Acupressure and Clinical Acupressure, currently teaching Process Acupressure 1A, Process Acupressure 1B, Clinical Acupressure 1, Introduction to Insight Acupressure, SEVA workshops, Good Points programs for self-care, Acupressure for Anyone. Using Good Points programs in Chair Yoga, Mat Yoga, and Qigong for Self-Care and Pulmonary Health.

Why do I love IA? Insight Acupressure initiated the journey from my head to my heart, an internal GPS that continues to lead to soul guidance and wisdom.
My Background: Physical therapist, yoga and qigong instructor, author, teacher, health coach for over forty years in hospital, university, home care, and private practice settings. Over the course of my career I developed and presented a Self-Help for Chronic Pain program towards a Masters' Thesis and beyond. I've been an Associate Instructor and Manager of Stress Management Services at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey during nine years on staff. Met amazing individuals presenting caregiver workshops for the  Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation at Abilities Expos throughout the United States. I'm currently a Master Trainer for Stanford University's Chronic Disease Self-Management Programs (Take Control of Your Health, Diabetes Self-Management, Cancer Thriving and Surviving). I continue to facilitate monthly Acupressure for Self-Care workshops for the RWJ Barnabas Health Oncology Support Program at Monmouth Medical Center in New Jersey. I continue to enjoy teaching professional and community programs about the benefits of Chinese medicine, acupressure, and medical qigong. My book, The Heart of Healing: Discovering the Secrets of Self-Care, describes how to increase self-awareness and become empowered during healing journeys using self-care practices.

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Missy Oleaga - Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Delaware

What IA classes do I teach? Insight Acupressure classes that I teach are: the 2 day Introduction to Insight Acupressure, Clinical Acupressure levels 1 & 2, Process Acupressure 1A & 1B, Seva Stress Release, Good Points and I am an Instructor Trainer for Insight Acupressure.

What do I love about IA? I must say that I receive the most joy when I share the work with others.  Whether I give or receive a session, or I am teaching another how beneficial this work is  which can bring one to the deepest part of yourself where your inner feelings, emotions and causes of imbalances reside. Insight Acupressure encourages communication with your soul.  There are a plethora of acupressure methods to maintain a balance within your Body, Mind, Emotions and Soul.

My Background: Aquatic therapy, Massage Therapy since 1992 Licensed in PA with additional training in Neuromuscular Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Cupping , Gua sha, Energy Therapies including Integrated Energy Therapy and Tachyon, I am a Usui Reiki Master Teacher.  I have taught at the Center for Human Integration in Philadelphia, Princeton, and The Professional School of Massage in Langhorne PA.

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Jacqueline May - United Kingdom

What IA Classes do I teach? Seva: Acupressure for Stress Release: Part One: Self-Care, Part Two: Working with others. Good Points Self-Care series ‚Äď including free guided sessions on Zoom. Introduction to Insight Acupressure, Process Acupressure 1A & 1B, Clinical Acupressure 1, Seva Teacher Training.

Why do I love IA? Insight Acupressure is the bridge between the physical body and our mind, emotions and spirit. Old traumas and patterns can be released and healed as the body relaxes and rebalances.

My Background:  I have many years’ experience of working within the fields of Health & Wellbeing, Personal Development and Education, offering one-to-one sessions and teaching groups. I love supporting people in learning new skills that can transform their lives. I am honoured to be able to teach Insight Acupressure here in the UK and to carry on Dr Aminah Raheem's wonderful work.
As well as my work with Insight Acupressure, I am a Certified Trainer and Master Practitioner of NLP and Practitioner of Emotional Freedom Technique.

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Leah Matalon  - New York

What IA Classes do I teach? Leah is an advanced level Process Acupressure instructor and mentor with Soul Lightening International. She was one of the charter teachers in the Soul Lightening Acupressure program, and has led courses in Clinical Acupressure, Process Acupressure, Advanced Process Acupressure, Ancestral Healing, and Inner Child Healing. 

My Background: Leah is also a Certified Movement Therapist, teaches the Alexander Technique, and leads courses for the Family Constellation work of Burt Hellinger. Her advanced training includes CranioSacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Visceral Manipulation, Fascial Mobilization, Process Acupressure, Clinical Acupressure, and an Intensive Human Dissection Course. Leah has had a therapeutic bodywork practice in New York City since 1983, and Leah was among the group of instructors that created the Seva Stress Release after September 11, 2001, and was instrumental in training other practitioners to provide this service (Seva) to the rescue workers and the people of New York City in the aftermath of 9/11.

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The above classes are part of our Clinical Acupressure, Process Acupressure and Advanced Insight Acupressure Certification paths.


Interested in an introductory class?

Our Self-Care and Introductory classes are meant for anyone interested in learning how to combine acupoints to address a  a variety of common conditions for self and to share with others. . These shorter courses of Seva, Good Points and Introduction to Insight Acupressure provide a wonderful introduction to the work of Insight Acupressure as a base for further study. 

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