Recent Reviews

Amanda, Nicaragua State Educator

The first time I had a PA treatment I was enormously surprised to find myself in an inner space I had never been before. Apart from the sensory aspect, I relate strongly to the application of Energy Medicine both from Chinese and Indian philosophy. I find the approach holistic in its nature and application. It has awakened in me the desire to learn both in theory and practice. I really feel like a part of a community with Soul Lightening. The class I teach is called Conocimiento para una vida feliz, Knowledge for a Happy Life.

Lisa, United Kingdom

I became inspired to study through this organization as I could see that it encompassed soul-based teaching that followed the principal of body, mind and spirit being intrinsically linked. The material that is taught is truly inspiring and becomes a part of your daily life. I look forward to applying the theory and practical application of this gentle, yet powerful technique of working with the body’s energy and own inherent wisdom.

I have found the unique teachings of Soul Lightening, along with the support of the many study groups that are available for continued development, to be the basis for much personal growth.

Shira, M.A. Cert CA & PA Seva Teacher

Soul Lightening Acupressure is a masterful system of tending to the body, heart, mind, and soul. The tools I have learned never fail me, whether I am treating myself or others. These tools have helped me know myself better, heal my body, and find my joy. It's an honor to share this modality and witness others recover a sense of ease, wellness, and wholeness.