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Valerie Campbell

Insight Acupressure Faculty

Licensed Massage Therapist


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Insight Acupressure

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  • Seva Stress Release
  • Good Points Self-Care Series
  • Clinical Acupressure I
  • Intro to Insight Acupressure


Why I love Insight Acupressure

(formerly Soul Lightening Acupressure)

  • Whole Being Health
  • Transformation
  • Connection

I have a private acupressure practice in Kensington, MD (just outside of DC).  I especially like teaching Seva Stress Release to anyone who would benefit from it and that is everyone.

Cover the world with Seva!

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“Valerie is an excellent practitioner. I keep coming back for more!”


“Learning acupressure has been a game-changer. This stuff really works!”


"Caring, compassionate, trustworthy. I love Valerie!”